About Horsham Pub Guide

This website is a guide to pubs that I like in and around Horsham (mainly country pubs). It's a personal site and does not include every single pub.

The Pubs

Each pub has a short description, a photo, a map and the pub's address and telephone number. The pub description is written by me. It is based on my last visit to each pub.

I've categorised the pubs, for example pubs with local beer and olde worlde pubs, according to what I know and why I like each pub.

The Pubs has a map showing all pubs on the site. Search the map by town or postcode to find a pub near you!

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All images on the site, for example pub photos, are copyright Clive Walker unless noted otherwise. Please don't use elsewhere without permission. Thank you.

Clive Walker

PS: Pub Reviews

Several other sites have taken over the pub and restaurant reviews arena. If you want to read pub reviews or send in your own.... sites like Trip Advisor do this really well.