A new start for the Frog and Nightgown

The Frog and Nightgown in Wimland Road (just off the A264 between Horsham and Faygate) has been closed for three years since the previous landlady sadly died. But, the pub has new owners now and it re-opens on 21st May. Great news!

The older pub

If you don't know, the Frog was a unique pub in its previous guise because it was just like someone's lounge that happened to have a bar in it. There was an old record player with a pile of records in one corner and many frog ornaments dotted around the room. Beers were served out of a hatch and the whole place could only seat about a dozen people. The pub was a throwback to a different era. Many people loved it!

A new start

Since earlier this year, the pub has been completely refurbished and work should be completed in the next couple of weeks before a 'soft' re-launch on 21st May. I was lucky enough to be given an ad hoc preview today by new owner Coral Gatt when I was passing.

The renovations have opened up the bar area and an adjoining room on one side of the bar. There are plans to develop a tea room/coffee shop in that space in a couple of months time. The floor has been relaid with reclaimed parquet flooring and the bar has a new wooden surround. The bathrooms have been completely refitted.

There are new seating areas in the garden. It really is a lovely location on a quiet country lane.

So, the pub has changed and the bar area is bigger than before. It won't be quite the same as the old pub but it will be a great pub, I'm confident of that. The new owners want to keep it quaint and traditional and with a local trade. I wish them every success!

I'll post more about the pub when I have visited again after the re-opening.


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    June Fisher

    29 May 2016 18:02:51

    Is the pub dog friendly?

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    29 May 2016 18:55:45

    There was a dog there when I visited. Probably the owner’s dog. So, I imagine the answer is Yes!

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    02 Jul 2016 16:29:40

    Do you serve food?

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    Pearl Flack

    08 Jul 2016 18:24:30

    Fab! We used to frequent it when Jim was there and are very much looking forward to visiting it again. So glad it was renovated and not turned back into a residential property or, worse still, demolished. Grateful thanks to the new owners.

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    09 Jul 2016 07:58:59

    Candy: Please contact the pub directly with any questions about food. Thanks.

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    Peter Hopkins

    20 Apr 2018 14:45:00

    I may have missed it, but I can’t find any reference to Ted Ray anywhere. The F & N was his (fictitious) local in “Ray’s a Laugh” (1950s radio). I always loved the hilarious incongruity of the name – and can’t believe that its emergence over 60 years later is just a strange coincidence!

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    20 Apr 2018 15:35:00

    I’m sure you're right Peter but I don’t know the radio series or if there is another origin or source. It’s a great name though!

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